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tl;dv vs – Time to Switch Meeting Assistants?

In the digital age, where people spend up to β…“ of the week in meetings, by the end of the week, your notebook can often feel like a maze of words and actions to navigate. Thus, the quest for the perfect AI meeting assistant has led many to compare tl;dv vs, two of the leading contenders in this space.

Both platforms promise to transform the way teams capture, organize, and leverage insights from their meetings, but how do they truly stack up against each other?

With businesses increasingly relying on digital tools to streamline workflows and enhance productivity, the choice between these two assistants is more than just a matter of preferenceβ€”it’s about finding the right fit for your team’s unique needs.

This article dives deep into a side-by-side comparison of tl;dv and Otter, examining their features, capabilities, and overall user satisfaction. From transcription accuracy and language support to security measures and conversational intelligence, we leave no stone unturned.

As we navigate through the various facets of each platform, consider what aspects of your meetings could benefit most from AI assistance. Is it the multilingual transcription capabilities, the depth of analytical insights, or perhaps the ease of integrating with your current workflow?

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clearer picture of which platform, tl;dv or Otter, stands ready to meet your needs and elevate your team’s meeting productivity to new heights. Let’s delve into the comparison and discover which AI meeting assistant emerges as the frontrunner in this technological race.

Table of Contents


tl;dv Otter
Transcription 20 🟒 16
Recording 16 🟒 9
Conversational Intelligence 12 🟒 8
Automation & Integrations 12 🟒 5
Note-taking 11 11
Security 21 🟒 17
Coaching 8 🟒 0
Admin 8 🟒 2
Organizational 12 🟒 10
Support 4 🟒 3
Revenue Intelligence 0 0
Other 6 🟒 2
Total 130 🟒 83
In the comparison between tl;dv and Otter, tl;dv stands out as a more comprehensive AI meeting assistant, particularly suited for SMB sales teams, with a wider range of features across transcription, video recording, conversational intelligence, and coaching. It excels in multilingual support, security, and extensive organizational capabilities, making it ideal for teams seeking a robust platform to enhance meeting productivity and manage content effectively. Otter is more focused on operational efficiency and simplicity, suited for those prioritizing straightforward note-taking functionality without requiring video support. Both platforms show good note-taking capabilities and AI availability to query single or multiple meetings, although tl;dv shines on the latter with extra features. Overall, tl;dv’s broader functionalities and higher user satisfaction make it the preferable choice for teams requiring an inclusive and versatile meeting assistant.

tl;dv vs Otter: The 12 things you need to consider while choosing the best AI Notetaker

How do we rank?

  • We give 2 points to a platform once it is the clear winner or when the capability is equally met by the other.
  • We give 1 point when the capability is present, but it’s not a winner.
  • We give 0 points when the capability is not present.

Transcription capabilities

Β tl;dv (20)Otter (16)
Unlimited transcriptionsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄ limited 300m/month and 30 minutes per conversation
Real-time transcriptionsπŸ”΄πŸŸ’
Multi-Language support🟒 +40πŸ”΄ English Only
Dialects supportedπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Filler word removalπŸ”΄ soon🟒
Speaker recognition🟒🟒
Speaker names🟒🟠 (doesn’t auto name new speakers)
Transcribe video/audio uploads🟒🟠 3 uploads on free plan
Export transcripts🟒🟒
Clips from transcriptπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Custom vocabularyπŸ”΄ soon🟒
Full-Transcript search🟒🟒
Edit transcription🟒🟒

Unlimited Transcriptions

tl;dv offers unlimited transcriptions across all its plans, providing comprehensive transcription capabilities without any restrictions on usage. In contrast, Otter limits users to 300 minutes per month and 30 minutes per conversation, which may constrain users with extensive transcription needs.

Real-time Transcriptions

Otter stands out by providing real-time transcriptions, a valuable feature for users who require immediate textual representations of their conversations. tl;dv does not offer real-time transcription services, focusing instead on post-meeting transcription accuracy and features.

Multi-Language Support

tl;dv supports transcriptions in over 40 languages, catering to a global user base and accommodating a wide variety of linguistic needs. Otter, however, offers transcription services exclusively in English, limiting its utility for non-English speaking users or multilingual environments.

Speaker Names

While both platforms show speaker names, tl;dv automatically labels speakers, while Otter needs a first input from the user on who’s who, so to identify the speaker on future conversations.

Dialects Supported

Dialect recognition is a unique feature of tl;dv, ensuring accurate transcriptions for users speaking in diverse dialects and accents. This capability is not available in Otter, which could result in less precise transcriptions for speakers of regional dialects.

Transcribe Video/Audio Uploads

tl;dv allows for the transcription of video and audio uploads without restrictions, enhancing its utility for a broad range of content. Otter provides this feature but limits it to 3 uploads on its free plan, potentially restricting users who frequently need to transcribe pre-recorded content.

Clips from Transcript

tl;dv enables the creation of video clips directly from transcripts, offering a unique way to share specific segments of meetings visually. Otter does not offer the capability to create clips from transcripts, limiting the options for sharing and highlighting key moments.

Creating a clip with tl;dv
tl;dv Clip creation straight from transcript

Recording capabilities

Recording Capabilities tl;dv (16) Otter (9)
Video platforms🟒 Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet🟒 Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet
Storage🟒 Unlimited🟒 Unlimited
Records videoπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Concurrent meetings🟒 Unlimited🟠 Up to 3 (Business Plan)
Download recordingsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Capture slides🟒🟒
Viewing analyticsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Integrated CalendarπŸ”΄πŸŸ’
Recording EditingπŸ”΄πŸ”΄

Records Video

tl;dv offers the capability to record videos, enhancing the richness of meeting documentation by capturing both audio and visual elements. This feature is crucial for users who rely on visual cues or need to review presentations and interactions in detail.

Otter does not provide video recording capabilities, focusing instead on audio transcription and may not fully meet the needs of users who require video documentation of their meetings.

Concurrent Meetings

tl;dv supports the recording of unlimited concurrent meetings, accommodating the needs of large organizations or teams with overlapping meeting schedules. This feature ensures that no meeting goes unrecorded, regardless of how many occur simultaneously.Β 

Otter, on the other hand, limits concurrent meeting recordings to up to 3 on its Business Plan, which may not suffice for larger teams or organizations with high meeting frequencies.

Download Recordings

tl;dv allows users to download recordings, offering flexibility in how recorded content is accessed and shared. This feature is particularly useful for archiving or distributing meetings outside the platform. Otter does not offer the ability to download recordings, potentially limiting users’ options for sharing and storing their meeting content.

Viewing Analytics

tl;dv provides viewing analytics for recordings, giving users insights into how often and by whom the recordings are accessed. This feature can help in understanding engagement and the effectiveness of meetings.Β 

Otter lacks viewing analytics, which may leave users without valuable data on the reach and impact of their recorded meetings.

Integrated Calendar

Otter features an integrated calendar, facilitating the scheduling and management of which meetings should be recorded directly within the platform.Β 

This contrasts with tl;dv, which does not offer an integrated calendar, potentially requiring users to manually tweak their account settings before each meeting, depending on their wishes of recording or not that meeting.


tl;dv allows the creation of reels from meeting recordings, enabling users to compile highlights or important segments into a concise, shareable format. This feature is invaluable for summarizing meetings or focusing on key points. Otter does not offer a similar feature for creating reels, limiting users’ ability to share meeting highlights in an engaging format.

otter meeting notes overview
Otter is purely focused on speech to text transcription

Conversation Intelligence capabilities

tl;dv (12) Otter (8)
Single Meeting AI Insights🟠 10 on Free Plan🟒 20/month, 3/meeting on Free Plan
Multi Meeting AI Insights🟠 10 on Free Plan🟒 20/month, 3/meeting on Free Plan
Keyword trackingπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Sentiment AnalysisπŸ”΄ No, as per EU AI ActπŸ”΄
Key Topic detection🟒🟒
Speech AnalyticsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Action item detection🟒🟒
Question detectionπŸŸ’πŸ”΄

Single Meeting AI Insights

tl;dv offers Single Meeting AI Insights, capped at 10 insights on its Free Plan, providing users with valuable, automated summaries and analyses for individual meetings. Otter provides more extensive support for AI insights, offering 20 insights per month with a limit of 3 insights per meeting on its Free Plan, offering a higher volume of insights for users looking to extract information from their meetings.

Multi Meeting AI Insights

Similarly, for Multi Meeting AI Insights, tl;dv limits insights to 10 on its Free Plan, enabling users to analyze trends and gather insights over time from multiple meetings. Otter extends this capability with 20 insights per month, limited to 3 insights per meeting even on its Free Plan, allowing for broader analysis across meetings.

Multi meeting insights screenshot
tl;dv AI Generator let's you select which meetings you'd like your prompts to be about
Otter AI Chat screenshot
Otter AI Chat works similarly to a GPT chatbot

Keyword Tracking

tl;dv includes keyword tracking, a feature that allows users to monitor specific terms across their meetings, aiding in focusing on crucial topics or follow-ups. Otter does not offer keyword tracking, which could limit the platform’s utility for users needing to track specific discussion points or themes across their meetings.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics are available on tl;dv, providing users with in-depth analysis of speech patterns, speaking time, and other vocal characteristics within meetings. This feature enhances the understanding of participant engagement and dynamics. Otter lacks speech analytics, potentially missing out on offering deeper insights into the vocal aspects of meetings.

tl;dv's speaker analytics screenshot
tl;dv's Speaker Insights

Question Detection

tl;dv supports question detection, enabling the platform to automatically identify and highlight questions posed during meetings. This capability ensures that key queries are not overlooked in meeting summaries and follow-ups.Β 

Otter does not provide question detection, which may affect users’ ability to quickly pinpoint and address critical questions raised during discussions.

Automation Capabilities

Automation Capabilities tl;dv (12) Otter (5)
CRM Integrations🟒 in Pro plan🟠 in Enterprise plan
Email IntegrationsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Zapier Integrations🟒 in Pro planπŸ”΄
Post-Meeting summary email🟒🟒
Schedule AI ReportsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Slack Integration🟒🟒
tl;dv integrations
tl;dv's Integrations Hub with over +5000 tools and popular workflows
Otter integrations page
Otter Apps (integrations) page

CRM Integrations

tl;dv offers CRM integrations within its Pro plan, allowing for seamless data flow between meeting insights and customer relationship management systems, enhancing sales and customer support processes.Β 

Otter provides CRM integrations as well, but these are limited to users on its Enterprise plan, potentially restricting access for smaller teams or organizations not on the highest tier.

Email Integrations

Email integrations are available on tl;dv, facilitating the automation of meeting summaries and action items directly to users’ inboxes, enhancing communication and follow-up efficiency.Β 

Otter does not offer email integrations, which may limit the platform’s capability to automate information dissemination and require manual efforts for sharing meeting outcomes.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier integrations in tl;dv, accessible within the Pro plan, enable users to connect their meeting insights with over 5,000 web services, significantly expanding automation and workflow customization possibilities.Β 

Otter lacks Zapier integrations, limiting users’ ability to automate workflows and connect their meeting data with other tools and services they use.

Schedule AI Reports

tl;dv allows users to schedule AI-generated reports, automating the delivery of insights and summaries over specified intervals, which can be crucial for ongoing project tracking and management.Β 

Otter does not offer the capability to schedule AI reports, potentially impacting the efficiency of teams in need of regular, automated insights into their meetings.

tldv recurring ai report
tl;dv's Recurring AI Report let's you schedule any AI report on a smart meeting filter.

Note-taking capabilities

Note Taking Capabilitiestl;dv (11)Otter (11)
AI Notes🟒🟒
Manual notes during calls🟒 needs app🟒
Tag people in notes🟒🟒
Assign tasksπŸ”΄πŸ”΄
AI Tags / Bookmarks🟒🟠 in Enterprise
Custom AI Prompts/Chat🟒🟒
Comments🟠🟒 with Channels

Assign Tasks

While tl;dv offers a comprehensive set of note-taking capabilities, it does not currently include the ability to assign tasks directly from the notes or AI insights, which might be a limitation for teams looking to streamline their workflow directly within the meeting platform.Β You can tag colleagues on the transcript, but not assign action items to be followed.Β 

Otter, on the other hand, provides the functionality to assign action items, although I wasn’t able to find ways to do anything with them, since there’s no way to track completeness.

AI Tags / Bookmarks

tl;dv provides AI Tags/Bookmarks across all its plans, allowing users to use AI to create meeting notes around their favourite topics.Β 

Otter offers similar functionality (Sales Insights) but restricts this feature to its Enterprise plan, which may limit accessibility for users not subscribed to this tier, affecting the ease with which all users can organize and navigate their meeting content.


Comments on tl;dv are available with some limitations, potentially requiring specific conditions or additional steps for full functionality.Β 

Otter enables comments within a specific meeting (calling them conversation) and also give you extra collaborative features with its Channels feature, providing a more straightforward approach for users to discuss and collaborate on meeting notes and content, enhancing the platform’s utility for team collaboration and feedback.

Otter collaboration Channels

Security capabilities

Security Capabilities tl;dv (21) Otter (17)
Data retention🟠 6 months on FREE plan Unlimited on all paid plans🟠 Customisable in Enterprise plan
SOC2 CompliantπŸ”΄ (certification underway)🟒 Yes
SAML-based SSO🟒 Only on Enterprise🟒 Only on Enterprise
GDPR Compliant🟒🟒
EU AI Act Compliant🟒🟒
Uses your data to train AI🟒 (No, your data is kept private)🟒 (No, your data is kept private)
Private storage🟒 Only on EnterpriseπŸ”΄
Anonymised sensitive data sent to LLMs🟒🟒
Meeting data chunking and randomizingπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
BAA with LLM providers🟒🟒
0-day data retention policy with vendors🟒🟒

Data Retention

tl;dv offers a clear data retention policy, with 6 months of retention for users on its Free plan and unlimited retention for all paid plans, providing transparency and flexibility according to users’ needs.Β 

Otter’s data retention is customizable in its Enterprise plan, offering tailored solutions for larger organizations but lacks clarity on options available for non-Enterprise users.

SOC2 Compliant

tl;dv is currently undergoing the certification process to become SOC2 compliant, highlighting its commitment to reaching high security standards.Β 

Otter is already SOC2 compliant, assuring users of its adherence to rigorous security, privacy, and compliance standards, offering an added layer of trust and reliability.

Private Storage

tl;dv provides the option for private storage but only for users on its Enterprise plan, enhancing data security and control for large organizations.Β 

Otter does not offer private storage options, which might be a consideration for users with specific data sovereignty or security requirements.

Meeting Data Chunking and Randomizing

tl;dv employs meeting data chunking and randomizing, a practice that enhances security by reducing the risk of reconstructing full conversations from the data processed by AI. Otter does not provide information on whether it uses similar practices, potentially impacting the level of data protection offered.

Coaching capabilities

Β tl;dv (8)Otter (0)
Playbooks ScorecardsπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Custom PlaybooksπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Template PlaybooksπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Objection HandlingπŸŸ’πŸ”΄

Playbooks Scorecards

tl;dv offers Playbooks Scorecards, enabling teams to evaluate and enhance their performance based on predefined criteria and objectives.Β 

This feature supports continuous improvement and strategic alignment within teams. Otter does not provide Playbooks Scorecards, limiting its functionality for organizations looking to systematically assess and enhance team strategies and outcomes.

tldv coaching hub
tl;dv Coaching Hub

Custom Playbooks

Custom Playbooks on tl;dv allow teams to create tailored strategies that address their unique challenges and goals, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of coaching efforts.Β 

The absence of Custom Playbooks in Otter means users may not have the opportunity to tailor coaching and development initiatives to their specific operational context and needs.

Template Playbooks

tl;dv provides Template Playbooks, offering users a selection of ready-made frameworks that can be adapted to suit various coaching needs. These can go from BANT or SPIN playbooks to Customer Success Business Reviews or management Performance Reviews.

This feature simplifies the implementation of structured coaching strategies, providing valuable guidance for teams. Otter’s lack of Template Playbooks could affect users’ ability to quickly deploy effective coaching frameworks without the need for extensive customization.

Objection Handling

Objection Handling in tl;dv equips teams with strategies and techniques for effectively addressing potential customer concerns, crucial for roles in sales and customer service.Β 

By focusing on objection handling, tl;dv enhances its platform’s value for improving communication skills and sales outcomes. Otter’s platform does not offer an objection handling feature, which may limit its effectiveness as a tool for sales training and customer interaction improvement.

tldv coaching hub
tl;dv Coaching Hub

Admin Capabilities

Administrative Capabilities tl;dv (8) Otter (2)
Apply auto-record of all meetings in the team members’ calendar🟒🟠 Enterprise only
Apply auto-share of meetings recorded by team membersπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Prevent DeletionπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Admin rights over all recordings🟒🟠 Enterprise only
tl;dv admin settings
tl;dv admin settings

Apply Auto-record of All Meetings in the Team Members’ Calendar

tl;dv enables administrators to automatically record all meetings scheduled in team members’ calendars, ensuring comprehensive documentation of discussions without manual setup. This feature is accessible to all tl;dv users, enhancing the platform’s usability for teams of any size.Β 

Otter offers auto-recording capabilities as well, but this functionality is restricted to users on its Enterprise plan, potentially limiting its availability for smaller teams or organizations not utilizing the highest subscription tier.

Apply Auto-share of Meetings Recorded by Team Members

With tl;dv, administrators have the option to automatically share recordings made by team members, streamlining the distribution process and ensuring key stakeholders have immediate access to meeting content.Β 

Otter does not provide an auto-share feature for meetings recorded by team members, which may necessitate manual sharing efforts and could impact the efficiency of information dissemination within teams.

Prevent Deletion

tl;dv gives administrators the capability to prevent the deletion of meeting recordings, safeguarding important meeting content against accidental or intentional removal. This feature is crucial for maintaining a complete and secure archive of organizational knowledge.Β 

Otter lacks a similar function to prevent deletion, raising concerns about the permanence and security of recorded meeting content.

Admin Rights over All Recordings

Administrators on tl;dv enjoy comprehensive rights over all meeting recordings, allowing for centralized management and control over meeting content. This ensures that administrative users can oversee access, distribution, and compliance across the platform.Β 

Otter provides admin rights over recordings as well, but again, this is limited to users within its Enterprise plan, restricting broader management capabilities to a select group of users.

Organizational Capabilities

Organizational Capabilities tl;dv (12) Otter (10)
Team Workspaces🟒🟒
Meetings Library🟒🟒
Smart FiltersπŸŸ’πŸ”΄
Global Search🟒🟒
Search within meetings🟒🟒

Smart Filters

tl;dv enhances user experience with Smart Filters, allowing for efficient sorting and accessing of meetings based on various criteria. This feature significantly improves the platform’s organizational capabilities, making it easier for users to find relevant content swiftly.Β 

Otter, lacking Smart Filters, may not provide the same level of convenience and efficiency in navigating meeting content, potentially impacting user productivity in locating specific discussions or highlights.

tl;dv Smart Filters
tl;dv Meeting Library, Smart filters and AI generator

Support Capabilities

Support tl;dv (4) Otter (3)
Support in Free Plan🟒 chat & email🟠 Email in Free plan
Priority Support🟒 in Pro plan🟒 Only on Business

Support in Free Plan

tl;dv offers comprehensive support through both chat and email for users on its Free plan, ensuring that all users, regardless of their subscription level, have access to timely assistance.Β 

This dual-channel support approach facilitates quick resolutions to issues, enhancing the overall user experience.Β 

Otter provides support via email for its Free plan users, which, while still accessible, might not offer the immediate response and interaction that chat support provides.

Priority Support

Both tl;dv and Otter offer priority support, but access to this enhanced level of service is tiered differently across their plans. tl;dv includes priority support starting with its Pro plan, offering faster and more direct assistance to its paying users.Β 

Similarly, Otter provides priority support, but it is exclusively available to users on its Business plan. This prioritization ensures that higher-tier subscribers receive expedited service, though the criteria for access reflect each platform’s strategy for service provision.

Revenue Intelligence Capabilities

Β tl;dv (0)Otter (0)
Deal executionπŸ”΄πŸ”΄

Both tl;dv and Otter do not feature capabilities related to forecasting or deal execution within their platforms.

This indicates that their primary focus is on enhancing meeting productivity, organization, and collaboration rather than directly supporting specialized sales processes like sales forecasting and deal management.

For users seeking tools with integrated sales forecasting or deal execution functionalities, it may be necessary to look towards other platforms that specialize in these areas or consider integrating with additional sales-focused software.

Cost however may become an issue as these tools are often priced in the $1000’s/user.Β 

If you are more concerned about improving sales skills, then tl;dv already offers a pretty neat and innovative coaching solution.

Who is it for?

tl;dv (6) Otter (2)
G2 Rating🟒 4.8πŸ”΄ 4.2
Ease of set up🟒 Generous free plan + Clean UI🟒 Easy
Localised platform🟒 (7 languages)πŸ”΄ No
Best suited for whomSMB SalesOperations

Both tl;dv and Fathom cater a similar audience, although tl;dv with it’s coaching offering can provide extra value to Managers, more specifically Sales Managers.

Fathom does seems to receive the favor of an audience purely looking for a free meeting recorder.

Where tl;dv seems to be a winner is on the Ease of Setup. Both offer good free plans and premium feature trials.

However, I felt Fathom’s set up to be a bit all over the place, with pricing info scattered and a lack of a clean UI layout.

The fact that it’s localised to 7 languages also makes it a winner choice for a non-English speaking audience.

Verdict: tl;dv vs Otter – which one is the best for you?

tl;dv Otter
Transcription 20 🟒 16
Recording 16 🟒 9
Conversational Intelligence 12 🟒 8
Automation & Integrations 12 🟒 5
Note-taking 11 11
Security 21 🟒 17
Coaching 8 🟒 0
Admin 8 🟒 2
Organizational 12 🟒 10
Support 4 🟒 3
Revenue Intelligence 0 0
Other 6 🟒 2
Total 130 🟒 83
Given the comprehensive comparison between tl;dv and Otter, the advice to readers seeking an AI meeting assistant hinges on identifying their specific needs and priorities. tl;dv emerges as a robust platform with a broad array of features, making it especially suited for SMB sales teams that require extensive support across transcription, recording, conversational intelligence, and coaching capabilities. Its standout features include support for over 40 languages, unlimited transcriptions, advanced security measures, and significant administrative and organizational capabilities, all of which contribute to its high total score of 130. tl;dv’s commitment to user satisfaction and data privacy further enhances its appeal, particularly for teams prioritizing inclusivity and comprehensive meeting management. Otter, while scoring lower overall with 83 points, shows an equal amount of strenght in note-taking capabilities, indicating a focused utility for operations and those prioritizing real-timeΒ speech-to-textΒ transcription within an English-speaking context, with no need for video recording. Its ease of setup and straightforward functionality may appeal to users seeking a simpler, operationally focused tool for enhancing meeting productivity.Β  For teams and organizations emphasizing sales processes, requiring multilingual support, and seeking a platform with a wide range of features to enhance meeting outcomes, tl;dv is the advisable choice. Its diverse capabilities support not just meeting transcription and organization but also deeper analytical insights and coaching tools designed to improve team performance. On the other hand, if the primary need is for real-time transcription within English-language meetings, with a straightforward and effective note-taking solution, Otter presents a viable option, particularly for users with a focus on operational efficiency. Ultimately, the decision should be guided by the specific requirements of your team or organization, including the need for multilingual support, the importance of comprehensive meeting analytics, and the preference for integration with existing workflows and tools. Both platforms offer significant advantages, but tl;dv’s broader feature set and higher user satisfaction ratings position it as the more versatile and comprehensive tool for teams looking to maximize their meeting efficiency and productivity with an AI assistant.
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