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Step into the world of tl;dv integration, where the magic of AI summaries and AI notes effortlessly blends with a variety of essential apps. Elevate your experience by seamlessly connecting tl;dv with CRMS, project management tools, video conferencing platforms, dialers, calendars, and over 5000 other applications.

tl;dv auto-summarizes hiring interviews, automating insights into Greenhouse for decisive hiring choices.
When task management meets conversation clarity. Infuse your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet insights directly into ClickUp, ensuring every task has a voice.
Automatically populate your CRM contacts with the meeting summaries within seconds. Focus on closing, instead of CRM housekeeping.
Directly integrate your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings into Dropbox, ensuring a seamless workflow where recordings and AI-generated insights enhance every project file.
Bug mentioned? To Do discussed? tl;dv sends these straight to your Trello board, directly from Meet, Teams or Zoom.
Integrate your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet sessions into Discord, turning every server into a hub of rich interactions.
Automate organization! tl;dv syncs meeting summaries, injecting insights directly into Google Drive.
Merge your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet conversations seamlessly into Airtable, ensuring every base is informed by live interactions.
Seamlessly blend your Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet dialogues into Asana, ensuring each project milestone is fortified with team discussions.
Enhance documentation fluidly! tl;dv auto-summarizes meetings, injecting insights directly for collaborative editing.

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Explore beyond our featured apps and unlock a world of possibilities with tl;dv’s integration via Zapier. By seamlessly connection with over 5000 other applications, you can craft custom workflows and discover endless possibilities in optimizing your productivity and collaboration.

Featured workflows

Featured workflows

Post-Zoom discussions, our AI methodically sorts, categorizes, and stores essential takeaways in Google Drive.
Convert every discussion point from your Zoom calls into actionable workflows on Monday.
Turn every discussion, idea, and feedback into actionable tasks, ensuring project momentum.
Preserve discussions by seamlessly translating them into structured datasets on Airtable.
Every interview note, feedback, or evaluation from Teams influences recruitment strategies on Greenhouse.
Ensure every brainstorming or update session on Teams finds its rightful place as tasks or sprints in Jira
Share, collaborate, and act upon Zoom meeting insights with your Discord community.
Update Salesloft contacts with AI meeting notes and recording files
Update Salesforce contacts with AI meeting notes and recording files
Ensure all your Teams discussions are reflected in real-time on Slack channels
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