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Top 5 Free Notta.ai Alternatives For 2024 (No.1 Will Blow Your Mind!)

There’s no doubt about it: Notta.ai is a fantastic transcription tool. However, despite its suite of powerful tech, it comes up short compared to some other great online meeting transcribers.

Here, we’ll break down the 5 key Notta.ai alternatives and their benefits. We’ll list the prices, the free plan inclusions, and our final verdict.

You want the best bang for your buck whether you’re getting a new car or an online meeting transcription tool. We’re just here to save you the time in comparing them all. This way, you won’t end up like poor ol’ Tom.


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But first, what is Notta.ai?

What is Notta.ai?

Fundamentally, Notta.ai is a transcription tool. With the motto, “You talk, we type,” you know instantly what you’re getting yourself into. It lets you focus on your conversation, set your hands free from typing up notes, and organize info in a flash.

Primarily targeting Japanese audiences, Notta.ai aims to improve your productivity by automating transcripts. However, it’s not the only transcription tool to offer this kind of work. Is it the best at what it does?

Nott.ai's pricing

You can see the above image for a glance at Notta.ai’s pricing. Their free plan is for one person only and allows up to 120 minutes of transcription per month. This might be enough to test out the software once or twice, but by no means is it feasible to use as a free transcription tool. It’s available in 104 languages which is pretty impressive, includes speaker identification, and can even record your screen.

The first paid option will set you back $8.25 per month for up to 1,800 minutes per month. It includes the same basic features as the free plan but also real-time transcription, the ability to import audio or video files for transcription, and the capacity to add custom vocabulary.

For businesses, you can pay $44 per month for up to 20 members. This is the first and only plan to allow for video recording and playback.

Overall, the prices are competitive, but certainly not the best. 

Below, we’ve compiled 5 Notta.ai competitors that include the same features, or better ones, for less. The number one spot in particular shatters Notta’s free plan.

Top 5 Notta.ai Alternatives

1. tl;dv

tl;dv is a behemoth when it comes to transcribing meetings, videos, or other files. It’s a Notta.ai competitor that truly breaks ground with its industry-leading free plan and its collection of mind-blowing features. From state-of-the-art AI to a multilingual transcription service that accurately detects speakers, tl;dv is a force to be reckoned with.

Not content with an audio-only transcript, tl;dv is an AI note taker that stands out from the rest of the meeting transcription crowd because it records both video and audio. It provides transcripts in more than 25 languages but also lets you rewatch the video footage as sometimes the visual aspect is more important than the words. It’s fantastic for user researchers as well as product teams. It can also be utilized to rewatch potential candidates during the hiring process.

Recording video is not the only thing that separates tl;dv from the rest of this list. tl;dv offers unlimited free recordings and transcripts. On top of that, tl;dv boasts a whole range of other features – like timestamping, tagging, clip reels, AI-based summaries, and a powerful search engine for finding past meeting moments. You can even get the AI to make notes for you throughout the call.

tl;dv takes mere moments to get set up too, meaning you can be recording videos and creating transcripts today! And there’s absolutely no commitment to paying anything either. There is a paid option for professional teams that want to maximize the benefits of their transcriptions, but tl;dv’s most common features are completely free.

Free forever, guaranteed.

tl;dv Pros

  • Free AI Integration: tl;dv utilizes top-of-the-range AI to provide summaries, notes, and automatic speaker detection.
  • Free and Instant Translations: Live transcriptions in more than 25 languages for Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.
  • Incredible Free Plan: Unlimited free recordings of Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet calls.
  • Easy to Use: tl;dv has an intuitive design that makes it super simple to use.
  • Timestamps and Tagging Features: Timestamp your meeting highlights to quickly jump back to specific moments in the call. It also features the ability to tag colleagues at specific meeting moments so they get an email with a link straight to their inbox.
  • Integrates With All Your Favorite Work Apps: Push timestamps and meeting clips directly to Notion, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more via third-party integrations.
  • Create Clips and Highlights: Scan your library and make clips and highlight reels to condense insights.
  • Intuitive Library: Search your meetings library for keywords in transcripts to quickly find what you’re looking for.

tl;dv Cons

  • Compatibility: Not yet available for WebEx or BlueJeans.


tl;dv’s free plan is another reason why it stands head and shoulders above the rest. You can get started today with no strings attached. Plus, depending on which region of the world you’re in, you can get up to a 40% discount on the paid plans!

Free Plan Features
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Record Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams
  • Transcribe Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams calls
  • Transcribe in 25+ languages
  • AI summaries
  • Set timestamps and highlights
  • Create and share clips
  • Set recording automations

The paid plans offer more integrations, analytics, downloadable recordings, customizable share settings, as well as priority customer support. This is recommended if you’re using tl;dv for business-related things. See more here.

2. Fireflies.ai

Fireflies.ai hero page

Another standout Notta.ai competitor is Fireflies.ai. Like the former, Fireflies specializes in its AI software and all the benefits that it brings to the meeting recorder table. Preferred by industry giants like Netflix, Uber, Nike, and Expedia, Fireflies.ai has a proven track record of being a top quality meeting and interview transcription software.

Like tl;dv, their powerful AI is also behind the search function, empowering users to review a one hour meeting in just five minutes. Fireflies also empowers you to create a library of recorded meetings that can act as a ‘hub of knowledge’. Collaborate with co-workers, analyze meetings, and automate your workflow all with this fantastic tool.

Fireflies.ai Pros

  • Good integrations. Fireflies has a big bunch of integrations, including Salesforce and other popular CRMs.
  • Great AI. It has a fantastic AI-powered search function.
  • Collaboration. It’s great for team collaboration and has plenty of features built to improve teamwork.
  • Compatibility. Fireflies is available on Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams, and more…

Fireflies.ai Cons

  • Paid video recording. To record video, you’ll need to sign up to the $19 per month plan.
  • No speaker recognition. Despite Fireflies’ good transcription service, they don’t offer any form of speaker recognition.
  • Limited free plan. The free plan isn’t the best.


The paid plans for Fireflies.ai start at $10 per month per user (when billed annually). They offer a free plan too. Unfortunately though, for video recording, you need the Business Plan at $19.99 per month.

Free Plan Features
  • Limited transcription credits
  • 800 mins of storage
  • Record on Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and more
  • Search within meetings
  • Automated meeting summaries
  • Different playback speeds
  • Comments and reactions
  • Clip out moments and soundbites
  • Uploads
  • 3 public channels

As you can see, tl;dv’s free plan puts the customer first with the freedom to fully engage with the tool before commiting anything. Fireflies, however, only really lets you play around with the tool a little bit, making many users feel a little rushed into a decision.

3. Fathom

Screenshot of Fathom AI Notetaker

Fathom is another excellent Notta.ai alternative that has a competitive free plan. Considered one of the top GPT meeting assistants, Fathom has quickly gained a name for itself as a great AI meeting transcription tool. It can quickly and automatically create summaries of meetings, including action item summaries so you can make decisions faster and more efficiently.

You can also use Fathom to organize your insights across popular documentation tools like Google Docs, Notion, or Asana with ease. By generating highlights mid-call, you can ask the powerful AI to summarize them in a simple click. Make notes during the call too, and you can instantly sync them with the rest of your research notes, streamlining your work process.

Like with the main Notta.ai competitor, tl;dv, your meeting is ready to download immediately after the call ends, including all highlights, clips, and notes.

Fathom Pros

  • Automatic summaries. Fathom automatically generates summaries of meetings, including action items.
  • Easily Shareable. It’s super convenient to share data across multiple platforms.
  • Powerful AI. Generate highlights mid-call and then get Fathom’s AI to summarize them with a simple click.
  • Download instantly. Meetings and transcripts are available to download instantly.
  • Good free options. It’s free for personal use and has a 2 week free trial for the team version.

Fathom Cons

  • Compatibility. Fathom is only available with Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet.


Fathom is completely free for personal use, making it one of the top free plans out of all the Notta alternatives. For use in teams, which is important for user researchers and product managers, Fathom requires you to get a paid plan. There is a free trial for this plan, but after the trial runs out, you’re left without any options. This paid plan starts at $19 per month per user.

4. Hyperia

Hyperia's homepage

Hyperia is a Notta.ai alternative that joins calls and transcribes meetings for the purpose of identifying actionable next steps, and improving workplace transparency. Hyperia aims to provide ‘conversational intelligence’ that helps to identify successful interaction and difficulties. It specializes in AI note taking, but can be used to transcribe your meetings just as easily as Notta.

Hyperia is designed with the customer in mind. It aims to help you easily share user summaries, progression reports and action items with your team. Hyperia is super focused on businesses so there are very limited options for a personal plan.

Hyperia Pros

  • Transcriptions. Transcribes calls and meetings so you can focus on the conversation and not taking notes.
  • Easily shareable. Hyperia’s note taker enables you to easily share summaries, action items, and more with your team.
  • Video footage. Integrated video player.
  • Search function. There’s a handy search function that makes it easy to find what you need.
  • Scheduled recording. Records events from your calendar automatically.
  • Powerful AI. Capture meeting highlights and AI summaries.

Hyperia Cons

  • Hidden pricing. The paid plans are quote-based only, and more expensive than most of their competitors.
  • Limited free plan. The free plan is too limited, and won’t let you utilize the software’s benefits in any meaningful way.
  • Small feature set. Some important features you’d typically expect of an AI meeting assistant are lacking, like the ability to turn longer recordings into clips and integrate meeting moments smoothly into other platforms.


Hyperia is a Notta.ai competitor whose pricing is unknown. You can apply for a free demo to get to understand the software a little more – but in order to purchase a subscription, you’ll need to reach out to the team. This can be a frustrating hurdle, and certainly delays getting started. 

However, Hyperia may be the best choice for teams looking to improve their actionable steps and improve their interactions with customers. 

5. Otter.ai

Otter.ai's updated AI-themed homepage

Otter.ai specializes in text-to-speech transcription. It’s a Notta.ai alternative that’s mostly known in the West by journalists, media teams, and universities. Having said that, if your primary goal is remote or async teams, then Otter.ai may not be the top choice for you.

It’s a great tool for transcribing audio from virtual meetings in real-time. Like with tl;dv, you can add timestamps, create highlights, and make edits to the transcription. You can also easily share it with your colleagues and collaborate to cut down on unnecessary meetings.

However, Otter’s transcription service is only available in English, making it limited for non-English speaking countries. It’s also one of the transcription tools that only transcribes audio, leaving video out of the question.

Otter Pros

  • Easy to use. Otter.ai is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Standard meeting features. It includes timestamps, highlights, edits and transcription services.
  • Keyword search. Search Otter’s transcripts by keyword, like tl;dv.

Otter Cons

  • No translations. Transcriptions are only available in English.
  • Low transcription accuracy. Despite targets of 90% accuracy, it’s been reported that Otter’s transcription accuracy is as low as 83%.
  • Compatibility. Otter is not yet available on WebEx or BlueJeans.
  • Limited free plan. The free plan isn’t the best.


The paid plans for Otter.ai start at $10 per month if you take the annual billing option. They also have a business plan for $20 per month. Both are well-equipped with a suite of features, and there is also a free plan for everybody:

Free Plan Features
  • Record and transcribe your meetings in real time
  • Otter Assistant joins Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to automatically take and share notes, even if you can’t join the meeting
  • Takeaways and Automated Summary
  • 300 monthly transcription minutes; 30 minutes per conversation

Compared to tl;dv, Otter.ai’s free plan feels a little lackluster, but standing on its own, it’s actually pretty good. It introduces the app and lets you use the majority of its features in a limited capacity. It’s enough to let you decide whether you want to commit to a paid plan, but not enough for you to use it regularly without paying.

The Verdict

There is only one real winner here. While Notta.ai is a fantastic meeting transcription tool in its own right, it simply lacks the free plan to compete with tl;dv. 

Fathom comes close, but it doesn’t have the editing capabilities or the 5,000+ integrations that makes tl;dv so special. 

With the ability to get set up and start using tl;dv in under five minutes, why don’t you give it a try and see for yourself?

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